Lars' Own is a premium collection of gourmet specialties representing popular and traditional Scandinavian and Northern European foods.

35200  Lars' Own Swedish Ginger Snaps   15/10.6 oz.
Lars' Own Swedish Ginger Snaps are richly spiced and baked in Sweden to guarantee authenticity. Enjoy these cookies with a glass of cold milk  or a cup of strong Swedish coffee.

93051  Lars' Own Crispy Onions   12/4 oz.
Lars' Own Crispy Onions are all natural with onions as the #1 ingredient. These imported, golden brown crispy  onions add flavor and crunch to just about every dish from soups and salads to burgers and casseroles.

32401  Lars' Own Spicy Brown Mustard   12/12 oz.
Made Swedish style with a unique  blend of spices, Lars' Own Spicy Brown Mustard is great on sandwiches, in sauces, dips, and marinades. Lars' Own Spicy Brown Mustard won the Bronze Medal at the prestigious Napa Valley Mustard Competition in 2002.  Also available for food service (#32402).

32400  Lars' Own Mild Yellow Mustard   12/12 oz.
Made in the style of traditional Swedish mustards, Lars' Own Mild Yellow Mustard is creamy and  flavorful. A traditional companion to Swedish potato sausage, Lars' Own Mild Yellow Mustard will compliment any sausage or sandwich.

86000  Lars' Own Swedish Pearl Sugar   6/10 oz.
Lars'  Own Swedish Pearl Sugar is an imported finishing sugar used to top cinnamon rolls, pastries, cookies, and cakes. These pure white granules of sugar retain their appearance and will not melt under oven temperatures.

86010  Lars' Own Belgian Pearl Sugar   6/8 oz.
Lars' Own Belgian Pearl Sugar is used to make the popular Belgian sugar waffles. Added to the dough, this imported sugar caramelizes when  baking to create crunchy pockets of sweetness.

92000  Lars' Own Yellow Peas   6/18 oz.
Lars' Own Yellow Peas provides a recipe for authentic Swedish Yellow Pea Soup. For several hundred  years, Yellow Pea Soup has been Thursday's traditional supper for many Scandinavians, often accompanied by pork, crispbread, and spicy brown mustard.

92001  Lars' Own Brown Beans   6/18 oz.
Brown beans were brought to America by Swedish immigrants in the late 19th century.
Lars' Own Brown Beans have a mildly sweet, rich flavor that makes them a great addition to any bean dish. Recipe included on  package for Swedish Style Brown Beans.

91020  Lars' Own Rice (for Porridge)   6/12 oz.
Lars' Own Rice is a short-grain rice that cooks up creamy. The box provides recipes to make several  Swedish-style rice dishes – from breakfast porridge to a special holiday dessert pudding.

Lars' Own Limpa Bread
12/1 LB

Lars' Own Swedish Meatballs
2/5 LBS